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Insightful Secrets of Writing the Perfect Childcare Job Profile

You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your presentation on paper creates the first impression that a stranger has about you. 

An impressive job profile is your foot in the door of opportunity. You must capture the interest of a primary caregiver with the first glance of your profile.

What to major in

Did you know that over 61% of recruiters dismiss applicants based on their job title and introduction? It is because recruiters have huge volumes of profiles to go through. 

They do not want to waste time deciphering complex job titles are going through lengthy and wordy introductions. So, compose an effective introduction where you state your facts briefly and clearly. 


A perfect childcare profile should capitalize on the job title, years of experience and on the number of valid testimonials and references. 
People hire childcare providers on the basis of trust, so this key area should inspire confidence in you and your skills. Sell yourself better than if you were selling a designer product.

This area should be supported by a section detailing qualifications, skills, specialties and strengths, and weaknesses. An availability timetable should be availed so that working hours are agreed on from the start. Any personal challenges that will not affect your work should not be included.


A job title may seem to be irrelevant, but it is the first thing that will be presented to a prospective client. Commit yourself to finding the perfect job title that expresses what you do. Be very clear on what you want to avoid miscommunication. For instance, if you want to be a home-based tutoring, do not call yourself a daycare specialist.

A short paragraph listing your job description should follow. Do not go into too much detail, but basically list your roles in point form. This will let the employer know what you are willing to do in the line of duty. Consider using specific nouns that summarize a task. Child care is a loosely descriptive term that means different things to different people.

The last part of your introduction should be an interesting anecdote about a past job. Tactfully highlight your experience and how your work benefited the family. This will inspire confidence and make the reader want to know more about you.


There are some fundamental qualifications that a child care worker must possess. The first is basic education. The ability to read and write is crucial for ease of communication. Certification in early childhood education and special training needs are great selling points. First aid and emergency training are an invaluable qualification that promotes child safety.

Do not leave out qualifications that you consider irrelevant. This may earn you additional income as your job description is diversified. A profile mentioning administrative skills may earn you a managerial or supervisory position in a daycare. An accounting certificate may also have you doubling up as a part time bookkeeper.


This is where most profiles go wrong. A mere list of skills such as coordination, decision making, and monitoring will not demonstrate your skill set. Focus on how you get things done instead of what you got done. These examples will show you the difference.
  1. I am a nurturing, and patient worker who is vigilant and pays attention to detail. I'm also a good driver and a talented cook who is flexible to work overtime.
  2. In my last job, I cared for an autistic 7-year-old boy and his 9 year-old sister who plays the piano. I prepared diet specific meals for the children and ensured that each consumed the right product. I also drove them to all their music classes and back home when I was requested.
An employer can tell that the second applicant is able to deal with multiple children and children with special needs. She is also open to cooking in addition to feeding. Her coordination skills and flexibility are also demonstrated. The first sentence explains what the worker can do while the second explains how.


The references of a childcare worker are more credible when they are written by a former employer. Someone who is pleased with your work will give you the credibility and trust needed for this occupation.

The Last Section

Finish your profile with a pledge to empathize and respect your employer. Mention the following issues and your approach in addressing them.
  • Following instructions 
  • Respecting personal boundaries
  • Non-disclosure of personal information 
Lastly, do not over promise on things you cannot deliver. It may get you a job, but it will be harder to keep it.